Protein Characterization Services

We have the necessary technologies and instrumentation to support fine structural Protein Characterization and Peptide Characterization programs, as well as the characterization of liposomal products.

Technological platforms for Protein Characterization include:

  • LC/MS/MS (Ion Trap) for amino acid sequence and primary structure analysis/confirmation
  • Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) for analysis of Post-Translational Modifications (PTM), including glycosylation, sulfation, and phosphorylation
  • LC/MS (ESI-TOF) in conjunction with enzymatic digestion to determine disulfide bridge mapping
  • Various modes of spectroscopy for protein secondary structure analysis
  • Automated Edman Degradation for N-Terminal sequence analysis
  • HPLC in combination with enzymatic digestion and fluorescence detection for oligosaccharide profiling and quantitation of sialylation
  • HPLC/UV/MS Peptide Mapping
  • Amino Acid Compositional Analysis (AAA)
  • ELISA/Immunoassay method development and validation for protein/peptide quantification and residual contaminant analysis
  • SDS-PAGE, IEF and 2-D Gel Electrophoresis coupled with Densitometry
  • Determination of Extinction Coefficient
  • SEC for aggregation and oligomerization analysis
  • RP-HPLC for purity and impurity analysis

These Protein Characterization methodologies may be applied to products such as: Recombinant and Fusion Proteins, Antibody Products, Recombinant Vaccine Products, and Peptide–Based Therapeutics.

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